Thursday 26 January 2017

Interview on BBC Radio Leeds

Back in 1966, a young Invernessian schoolboy was very excited to have been asked to participate in a "schools broadcast" on the Cairngorms for BBC Scotland. Fifty years later he was equally, and perhaps even more excited to have appeared on the Chris Stead morning show on BBC Radio Leeds.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was not nearly as nervous as I’d expected.

Chris set the scene and then asked me some questions about Proper People. I think I managed to answer without too much hesitation or “humming”.

My biggest worry had been about the 10 minute slot and how I could turn that into a sensible interview when I’d be very happy talking on my favourite subject for hours. Needn’t have worried as Chris managed it just nicely. Unlike me, he had clearly done it before!

Thank you so much to producer Sarah Whitham for the invitation. Amazon statistics suggest that I might even have attracted a few more readers.

Listen below to my interview which is reproduced with the kind permission of BBC Radio Leeds.