Tuesday 1 March 2016

Proper People donated to Library of Thackray Medical Museum

It was a delight to be able to present a copy of my first book,
Proper People. Early Asylum Life in the Words of Those Who Were There to Alan Humphries, Librarian of the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds.

It is a new addition to their excellent collection of modern and historical medical texts which proved so helpful in creating the “Glossary of medical terms and treatments.” That appendix is essential for the reader who needs help to interpret the 19th century terminology transcribed from the asylum case notes. That often gave me Cephalalgia, or should I say a Headache.

“The author (left) with Alan Humphries of Thackray Medical Museum”.
Alan, with his keen eye for a handwritten prescription and his collection of contemporary pharmacopoeias and medical reference books has been instrumental in helping to give me a better understanding of the medical terminology and treatments referred to in the asylum records
Further good news is that Proper People will be available to purchase in the museum shop.  For museum opening times check their website. Thackray Medical Museum